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Giving a Speech


Author Workshop

Invite us to your classroom to read one or both of our children's books, followed by an interactive activity. Specifically designed for children ages 4-6. Discounts available for high volume book orders.


It takes a specific skillset to effectively facilitate a consensus building workshop or strategic planning session for your organization's leadership. We are experienced in facilitating with diverse participants and achieving the desired goals.

Content Writing

Whether you are looking for support in drafting public health education content or responding to a grant proposal, we are available with subject matter expertise. 

Strategic Planning

Whether your organization needs a 3 month plan or a 5 year plan, we are available to assist you in identifying key objectives, desired outcomes, and a timeline to obtain the results your organization is looking for.

Curriculum Development

Are you considering writing or revising a health education curriculum? We are available to develop or revise one-time workshops or a series of educational classes that can be held virtually or in-person.


We know it's important to give your staff and volunteers the most up-to-date and accurate information on various topics. Examples may include stress management, trauma-informed workplace strategies, and wellness. Let us know your specific needs.

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Contact us to explore how we can help you.

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