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ISBN 9781138496064

Men's Health: An Introduction

Edited by Diana Karczmarczyk and Susan Milstein

Book Description
This comprehensive book addresses men’s health and wellness in the context of the male psyche, provides up to date research on men’s health, discusses theoretical frameworks, shares perspectives from men and lists consumer resources and tools.

Men’s Health explores social, cultural, physical and psychological approaches to men’s health with sections focusing on the psycho-social issues, the body, relationships, healthy living and aging, while taking into account cultural differences. Each chapter:

  • provides a review of the current science and emerging research of the topic;

  • outlines theoretical frameworks, best practices and recommendations for advancing men’s health through service delivery, research, education, policy and advocacy;

  • features a personal assessment tool on the topic; and

  • includes vignettes from men, their friends and families, and care providers

Suitable for students taking undergraduate courses on men’s health and wellness, this broad-ranging textbook is the ideal introduction to the topic.


Table of Contents
Part 1: Male psyche 1. Introduction to men’s health 2. Masculinity and seeking help 3. Body image Part 2: The body 4. Male anatomy 5. Sexual health 6. Sexual orientation 7. Chronic diseases Part 3: Relationships 8. Mental health 9. Healthy relationships 10. Fatherhood 11. Violence Part 4: Staying healthy 12. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol 13. Nutrition 14. Physical fitness and activity 

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